FiredDesires Studio
Outside of torching, taking classes or teaching biggest passion is for
collecting beautiful glasswork. 90% of my collection has been purchased with the
remaining 10% as having been gifted to me or trades I have made. If I had a nickel
for every ooh or ahh I have heard when folks look at all the beauties? well....I'd
more than likely buy another glass piece for the collection!

When visiting the FiredDesires Studio or my home, people are surprised to see the
assortments of various collections I do have and that are the product of almost
40yrs of collecting. I started with "spun glass" figurines, advanced to Austrian
crystal figurines, branched into carved eggs, paperweights, beads, vases, bowls,
sculpture, marbles......well you get the picture. However what you see shown here
is mainly beads, sculpture, blown glass and marbles. Some day I might
photograph the whole collection, but for now I'm sharing just a small part of it.

I thank all these very talented artists for creating a work of art that I just couldn't
resist and I take joy in knowing that everyday a new glass artist is born...and that
my glass collection will never be complete. Enjoy the "eye candy" everyone!
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