FiredDesires Studio
My love affair with glass got its' beginnings when my Grandfather,
an employee of Disneyland as it first opened, had a family day for all
of its'employees. Excitement was rampant with all the
grand-children, darting here, there and everywhere. And then I saw
him! The wondrous magic that captivated me for the rest of the day.
Mickey Mouse?? NO! Not Mickey, but a glassblower making spun
glass figurines. The lure of the Mad Hatters teacup ride nor shaking
hands with Cinderella were enough to break the mesmerizing spell
& the fascination of seeing these sticks of glass become wondrous
treasures to behold. I've been doing art with glass as my medium, in
some form or another, for over 30 yrs.

While I never did learn how to do spun glass, it will remain on my list
of "someday" things to do. For now, my attention and time is
devoted to many things in the hot and cold glass fields. Small
fusing, glass blowing, torch worked beads & sculpture,
paperweights, marbles, sandblasting, electroforming, faceting,
riveting, chain-maille and the making of some jewelry.
owner/artist of
FiredDesires Studio
Catharine Weaver
Credits: Pictures of my work can be seen in 2003/2005 Wet Canvas calendars, Lark
Books 1,000 Glass Beads, Alchemy Glass newsletter Aug05, Jim Kervins "More
Than You Ever Wanted to Know About glass"(purple cover edition), 2nd & 3rd
editons of the Flow Magazines: Women in Glass, Flow Magazine Gallery Fall 2008
When I'm not torching or researching my artforms, I enjoy teaching AND taking
classes. I've been fortunate enough to study with some of the premier
glassworkers of our time. Loren Stump (1&2), Chris Buzzini (paperweights), Don
McKinney (paperweights), Leah Fairbanks, Bob Snodgrass (boro), John Kubuki
(marbles),Akiro Yokihama (Satake glass focals), Dan Neuman (glass blowing),
Deb & Mike Crowley (fusing/blowing), Andrea Guarino, Corina, Kim Affleck (focals)
I teach each year at Glasscraft Expo in Las Vegas and offer private lessons at my
studio located in scenic Sitka, Alaska throughout the rest of the year. During the
summer months I sell "made in Alaska" product via the FiredDesires "Glass Art on
Wheels" traveling store. If your interested in learning how to make lampwork
beads, there is no time like the present. The interest in learning has exploded
during this last decade and it is pretty easy to locate a studio or teacher in most
states. On the links page you will find more info about finding most information
you'll need, by visiting the GlassDirectory & Glasscraft Expo links on my website.
Raised in Las Vegas, Nevada I have been a resident of Alaska since 1972, where
I reside with my husband of 39yrs, 3 children and 5 grand-children. In my "free?"
time I enjoy seed beading, fishing/hunting/camping, cross stitch.

Thanks to all who have encouraged my artistry....inspired me to reach further
than I believed possible.....and to those who have never let me lose sight of my all know who you are!